Bobby Creekwater

Bobby Creekwater Steps Behind The Scenes To Revitalize Atlanta Music Industry With New Compilation Project

Introduces First Of Three Artists On New Single “Know About Me”


ATLANTA, GA - May 11, 2015 - After years of representing an alternate view of Atlanta through lyricism, indie mainstay Bobby Creekwater has partnered with award winning entrepreneur Steve Harrell to launch Energy7, a new boutique label founded on the principles that once put Atlanta on course to continue Motown’s Legacy.


As an artist and songwriter, Bobby Creekwater has seen the power of artist development first hand as a member of the Shady/Aftermath family, learning the business of music directly from mentor Dr. Dre. His partner, Steve Harrell, brings years of experience from the business side of things. But as an entrepreneur, Harrell appreciates the art of the hustle and the independence that drives creatives. The two have bonded over a dedication to the task of reviving Atlanta’s music scene, with a special emphasis on the music.


Contact Info:

Twitter: @BobbyCreekwater

Instagram: @WolfGang3



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