Elisia' K. Parker

An artist in the truest form and her name is Elisia’ K. Parker. Take a few seconds to receive  a message  as she introduces herself.


I am 24 years old and a true southern belle born and raised in Oxford, North Carolina.

I graduated in 2013 from Winston Salem State University with a Bachelors of Art in History and minor in African American Studies. My creativity and love for art has always been present since I can remember. I always enjoyed painting and creating. I’m an artist in true form, I play the piano, I sing and have recorded a few songs, I write poetry, dabbled in photography and paint. I recently published my first poetry book entitled “I Was A Walking Contradiction: The Transition” which is a collection of my poetry over the course of 3 years. The poems describe my transition in love, heartache, finding myself and loving again. I am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia hoping to embark on a vast amount of opportunities to grow and share my art with the world. I truly have a passion for teaching and hope one day to incorporate all my gifts through teaching children. I always ask myself how can one live without being indulged in what they love? I love soul and culture and expressing that through my art brings me joy. My recent relationship has tremendously helped in my creativity that I bring and display…when one is happy and or sad their emotions are a true reflection of their art and vice versa but needless to say I am HAPPY!  So I thank him for helping me to create and be better. I would like to add for any artist in any form remember to always give praise to God for without him your talent is nothing as are you. I personally always like to thank my parents for always allowing me the space and opportunity to create and supporting me and nourishing my gift. I recently started my own business “Naturally Nourished” which is my platform  to sell my art, poetry and all natural scrubs. I was inspired to name by business by my deeply rooted passion of NOURISHING and giving unto others and what better way than to do that NATURALLY with the talents God has supplied me with?  Art is enough for me and art can be found in so many things. Love is art, Writing is art, Giving is art, Smiling is art, Earth is art, Breathing is art but most importantly your being and LIVING is art. You are ART!


Instagram: @iamelisiak

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Website: elisiaparker.wix.com/naturallynourished

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